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Designed for girls by girls.

Because girls have ideas too...

Up to 1,000 Parts

30+ Materials Available

Available in 57 Countries

42 Industrial Printers

Purpose: To Do Beauty Better

Once upon a time there was a girl who had an idea to help women in beauty work smarter not harder.

She needed someone who spoke fluently the language of beauty and also have the knowledge of product design. She decided to become the person she was looking for and out bloomed All Things Girly, a place where a woman's dreams are welcomed, understood and made into reality. Through the understandings of pattern, the science fundamentals and relativity, this design powerhouse is able to create anything under the female umbrella under our blue sky. 

Why choose us to design your product?

Make for Different RESULTS

Out of The Box WORLD Design for better a better beauty business.  

Durable, High Quality Materials

Experienced Advisor Service


We Keep Expanding Beyond Product Development

Splash Fluid

All Things Girly Quiz Time

Has your company/brand released every color palette in the pantone serious thus far? Do you need MORE than just just a new shade of blush or mascara wand?


Has your company sales not seen a spike since Max Factor days? 

Bend and Snap 

Head of Design, DimenXen

Does your company have an incredible loyal following and you would like to give them more options of services through your brand?

mhmmm... we know the answer 

Product Designer, Drolo

WITH ALL THINGS GIRLY The Possibilities Are Endless For Your Beauty Business

If you answered YES to any of these questions then you need to give All Things Girly an e-mail. Like now. 

Female Bust
All Things Girly has the knowledge and the expertise in what is and isn't out in the Beauty Aisles. Let Us help you today in achieving more results with your audience by bringing innovative efficiency & one of a kind designs to your beauty brand.  

Bridgette A.


Your customers deserve the best in beauty. We're here to help you give them that. 

Bridgette A

Girly InventHER 

Transparent Tube

Our Clients

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