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Who We Are

Beauty Problem Solve-HERS.

Just like when driving on a highway and you want to change lanes, you are going to focus on the gaps and not where there is already a vehicle. Well, we do that with beauty...


To the naked unlined eye, the beauty industry may look as congested & saturated as the 405 during rush hour traffic but we, we see the gaps in the business of beauty

We understand your vision and the purpose behind your beauty brand.


We believe

"If You Look Good You Feel Good" and if you feel good you DO Good.

Organic Lipsticks_edited_edited.png

Whether your business needs

a little "OOMPH"

or A LOT I want to create something great with you. My world and expertise revolve around one word and topic-Beauty.

-founder, bridgette a.

Our Mission

To Leave the World a Prettier Place than How We Found It...

1 Beauty Tool at a Time

To get an idea into the world with me or for investment inquiries please contact


If it is Digital Marketing/Web Design & Development or any other digital services please  

Core Values



Life is one big unfinished prototype

For The Love Of Beauty

There is nothing new under the sun-so we must have fun with what is done   

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